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You’ve planned sunset family photography session, got all your clothes picked out, set up the date with the photographer, but the forecast promises rain for the next two weeks. Sounds familiar? Not to worry!

Hi there, I am Talia, and I am a lifestyle family photographer serving Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge and surrounding areas. Did you know that I offer two different styles of family sessions? That’s right! I offer in-home lifestyle family session, and the sunset family session in one of the parks in the Waterloo region.

What is the difference between these sessions you may ask?

Let me tell you a bit about both!

Sunset family photography session

This type of session typically happens in one of the parks in the Waterloo region (don’t you worry about choosing the location, I’ve got you covered!).
It happens during the golden hour, typically 1-2 hours before the sunset. Golden hour is magical, and it brings so much life into the photographs. If you want these beautiful backlit photographs, this type of session is perfect for you! Some parents are worried that the session typically happens during children dinner and bed time. But let me tell you, it is so worth it to keep your children up for the extra hour. Sunset family photography sessions don’t happen every day, and it is worth to do it just that one day for the beautiful sunset photographs.

In-home lifestyle family session

This type of family photography session is very special. It happens in the comfort of your home.
I will come to your house, and will stay there for about 2 hours. I will capture your family in your own element. What tells about the family more than their house, and their environment? Let’s document that! We can do different activities, from cooking, to reading books in parents’ bed, to jumping on the bed (I promise it will be safe, and fun!)
Who is this type of session for?
If you already have your family session booked, but the weather promises rain or snow, this type of session is for you! If you want to document your family in the comfort of your home, this type of session is for you!

Let me know if you have any questions about lifestyle family sessions! I am here for you and will help you choose the session that’s right for you and your family!

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Thank you for being here,
Talia Hannah
Kitchener Waterloo Cambridge family photographer

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