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Lifestyle Newborn photography session in Kitchener, Ontario

The family is sitting on the couch and smiling at each other during lifestyle newborn photography session in Kitchener

Hi there expectant couple!
I bet you can’t wait until that sweet little baby of yours is in your hands, and at your home. You are curious to see how the baby will look like, if baby will be so mellow or trouble maker since day one.
I know you can’t wait for your phone and desktop screensaver to be filled with endless amounts of baby photos, that will be impossible to choose your favourite because your baby is the most beautiful baby you have ever seen.
I can paint quite a picture, ha?
Have you though about hiring a newborn baby photographer to capture these sweet special moments when your baby is still so new?

Let me share with you my top 3 reasons to hire a lifestyle photographer

                                       1) You don’t have to leave your house

Father is holding his newborn son and smiling at him while being photographed by Talia Hannah Photography, Kitchener lifestyle newborn and family photographer

Leaving your house with a newborn baby is so tough. Add older siblings to the picture, and you might as well stay home.
Now imagine coming to someone’s studio. You might have forgotten something at home, older children feel shy and have hard times adjusting to new environment etc.
You don’t have to worry about any of that if you hire a lifestyle photographer.
When you hire me as your newborn lifestyle photographer, I come to your house!
You are in your own element, surrounded by familiar objects, everything is at your hand if needed.
And your older children are relaxed, and can always sneak out to their own room if they feel overwhelmed

2) Less stress for older siblings

Mother is hugging her firstborn child during lifetsyle newborn photography session in Waterloo, Ontario

I have to be honest with you, I always make older siblings the star of the show! I spend so much time helping them warm up to me, and feel comfortable and relaxed. There is nothing more stressful for parents when their older children are acting out and want nothing to do with a photo shoot or even new sibling.
Don’t worry, I have never left a session without getting sibling photo that will be treasured forever.

3) Include your house into the session

A mother of two, is snuggling her newborn baby boy during a lifestyle newborn photography session

You spend so much time making your house your home. So much time, so many decisions, and let’s be honest, lots of money too. Why not make your home party of the session?
Nursery that you decorated with so much love, older sibling bedrooms that is full of joy, family room that is styled so tastefully.
When I take newborn photos in those areas of the house, your home will become a part of your family’s story .

If you would like to learn more about newborn lifestyle session and what it is, you can read my blog post HERE

Are you interested in a lifestyle newborn photography session in Kitchener area? I would love to be considered as your lifestyle photographer!

Thank you so much for being here!
Talia Hannah Photography, Kitchener based lifestyle newborn and family Photographer

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